What is it?

The Whisky Squad exists to organise affordable tasting sessions, where malt fans come together and combine their spending power to procure and enjoy extraordinary whiskies, and through discussion and appreciation hopefully learn something along the way. Rather than construct an exclusive club with a fixed membership list and hefty fees, we aim to open every session to anyone who wants to come, on a first-committed, first-admitted basis.

The Squad was founded by Jason and Andy, London-based bloggers with a thirst for whisky, and occasionally for knowledge about whisky. In 2012 we gained the expertise of Billy and Joel to beef up the management team after expanding to 2 sessions a month (plus extras when the mood takes us), and seeing that the coast was clear Andy made a break for freedom. Elise came on board in 2014, and in a pure coincidence Jason decamped to Bristol not long after and became our man out West. He’s still around, and we’re celebrating 5 great years of whisky tastings!

Keep an eye on this site for news of future tastings and reviews of past events.

Jason, Billy,  Joel & Elise.